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> Minimize environmental impact 

> Precise targeting

> Save meters

Directional drilling services

AZIWELL offers directional drilling services through our star product AZIDRILL® Directional Core Barrel. The system gives continuous B-size core samples, providing potentially vital geological information from the rock formation while steering boreholes.

By implementing directional core drilling services in your drilling program you get access to an easy and fast way to adjust borehole paths or make multiple kick-offs without the use of wedges or downhole motors.

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AZIWELL aims to provide new innovative solutions and products focused on enhancing productivity, knowledge, safetyness and enviromental-friendlyness in Mining, Exploration and Civil Engineering drilling operations.

AZIWELL is commited to providing premium products meant to last, directly influensing productivity and enviromental impact for our customers. We continuously search for excellence to maintain our quality reputation whitin the industry.

AZIWELL is always looking for driven colleagues to join our team!

The Latest:

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November 1st, 2021

October 2021, AZIWELL celebrated the completion of 500 directional targets of an intensive and complex Infill program in the heart of the Guerrero Gold Belt.


Due to the morphology of the deposit, precision required to intercept the targets, topography of the site and enviromental regulations, it was necessary to implement directional drilling. This was all achieveable using AZIDRILL® Directional Core Barrel.

The Infill program consists of individual blocks of 9 targets per block reached from a single Mother Hole. Daugther holes are initiated from various KOP's (Kick Off Points) and are steered to their respective targets with strict directional steering control. The entire grid is based on a 30-meter spacing between targets with a +/- 5m tolerance.

AZIWELL is pleased to have shared this great achievement in cooperation with IDS de México and Layne de México. 


The AZIWELL engineering team has more than 20 years of experience within R&D and field operations for the mining and civil engineering sector, as well as oil and gas process technology. With the introduction of our directional core drilling services summer 2018, Aziwell introduce a new standard in the market, providing reduced drilling costs, more information per drilled meter as well as accurate steering and targeting of drillholes.


Aziwell is headquartered in Norway with affiliates in Canada and Chile, and our services and products are available in most contries world-wide.

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