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The AZIDRILL® STD core barrell is available for rental together with AZIWELL crew only. Our services are provided world wide.

Available sizes: N-size (B-size core)



AZIWELL have highly skilled field engineers that follow the drill whenever used. Our engineers will provide bore hole planning free of charge and make sure the directional drilling operation runs efficiently.

AZIDRILL® Directional Core Drill

- N-size drill / B-size core

- Contactless toolface sensing

- Easy to operate

Advantages AZIDRILL® STD

Maximize geological info
Oriented B-size core.

Save time & money
Fast penetration due to low
bit facing and WOB.


Minimize driller hazards

Length compatible with standard

core barrels (only +30cm).

Real time MWD logging

Direct sensing of tool face

during the run.

Easy to operate
No pressurized locking
of drill rods to tool body.


Fast decent
Compatible with standard fast
decent drop latch unit.

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