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AZIDRILL® STD - Easy to Use


The AZIDRILL® STD directional core barrell is fully compatible with standard N-size drill rods. No hole reaming before or after, no special rods or water pumps needed. The system is only 30cm longer than a conventional wire line core barrel, just replace your conventional core barrel with the AZIDRILL® STD and you are ready to go.

The AZIDRILL® STD logs its direction and inclination as it goes and data easily checked every time that the core tube is emptied. Together with azimuth readings taken in front of the bit, the hole path and degree of deviation is monitored and changed if needed to accommodate your drill plan.

AZIDRILL® Directional Core Drill

- N-size drill / B-size core

- Contactless toolface sensing

- Easy to operate


Size of the kit is customized for each project, depending on customer demands and logistics.

Communication unit

Communication with the orientation unit is performed by an innovative and easy app located on a rugged IP68 smart phone. No cables needed.

core barrel

Core barrel

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