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AZIDRILL® STD - Save time & money

The AZIDRILL® STD directional core drill provides an efficient way to guide your bore holes right where you want them. Hit your targets at first try, make multiple side kicks from one hole or make horizontal holes with a pre-determined path right on spot. All with full B-size core that provides vital geological information. 


Implementing AZIDRILL® STD in your drilling program could potentially cut thousands of meters of transport drilling and every hole could potentially give full payback by hitting your targets. 

AZIDRILL® Directional Core Drill

- N-size drill / B-size core

- Contactless toolface sensing

- Easy to operate


Advantages AZIDRILL® STD

Maximize geological info
Oriented B-size core.

Save time & money
Fast penetration due to low
bit facing and WOB.


Minimize driller hazards

Length compatible with standard

core barrels (only +30cm).

Real time MWD logging

Direct sensing of tool face

during the run.

Easy to operate
No pressurized locking
of drill rods to tool body.


Fast decent
Compatible with standard fast
decent drop latch unit.

Number of side branches

More than 50% meter saving per hole! Estimated meter savings using AZIDRILL® STD to obtain multiple side branches from a single master hole, compared to use of conventional drilling from surface. Based on target depth 800m, kick-off points in the area 350 to 450m and secondary targets located 50m from a vertical master hole. Approx. 25m with directional drilling is needed per branch.

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