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AZIDRILL® STD  - Directional Core Barrell
- N-size drill / B-size core
- Contactless toolface sensing
- Easy to operate

The AZIDRILL® STD steerable wire line core barrel takes directional core drilling several steps forward by providing direct sensing of toolface during each run and oriented B-size core that implies more geological information and faster penetration.


The AZIDRILL® STD saves money and time as well as make directional core drilling fast and easy to perform.

Technology background


The most common deviation tools for directional drilling are steerable down-hole motor assemblies (so-called positive-displacement motors) and rotary steerable systems. Another common approach is use of Whipstock (wedge) to sidetrack out of the wellbore or correct its path. Downside for most directional drills is the need for a full-face drill bit, thus not being able to take core samples, leaving the project without potentially important geological information for smaller or larger sections of the bore hole.


To overcome this problem a coring type of directional drills has emerged, drills that can take full length core just like a conventional core barrel. This technology is known as Directional Core Drilling (DCD). On top of the fact that DCD technology can provide continuous core, the drill produce less cuttings, use less water (equal to conventional drilling), no special rods or pumps needed and it provides good penetration even in very hard rock formations.

Azidrill Directional Core Barrel Drill

AZIDRILL® Directional Core Drill

- N-size drill / B-size core

- Contactless toolface sensing

- Easy to operate

Advantages of directional core drilling

• Fast and easy hole path adjustment

and side-kicks without wedges

or cement.

• Hits any target with high accuracy

and smooth curvature.

• Saves transport drilling by providing

an easy way to make multiple

deep hole branches.

• Faster penetration and no restriction

in rock hardness.

• No special pumps, rods or rig
needed on site.


• Collects continuous core from
start to end.


• Reduces nature impact through

less cuttings and water consumption.

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