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Aziwell Bore Hole Survey Directional Core Drilling

Borehole survey

When a well plan dictates the drilling of a straight borehole, surveys are periodically taken to ensure that it will hit its target and does not trespass underneath different property lines. The survey tool usually run inside the drill string attached to a wire on a wireline unit or is launched in front of the drill bit.


To determine the exact location of the bore hole path is crucial to ensure the drill plan reflect the situation in the field. The survey can thus be considered as the most important task in a drilling program. A survey tool can monitor the hole as it goes, keep track of Dog Leg Severity (DLS) as well as position of the hole at any give depth. Thus giving vital information to make qualified decisions.


AZIWELL survey services

AZIWELL provides survey services with highly accurate and reliable down-hole survey technology. Different survey tools and methods can be used depending on type of drill program, need for accuracy and reliability, whether its surface or underground. Borehole survey data is delivered in a format that easily can be directly imported into most mine modelling programs. Our survey tools can perform single shot, multi-shot and orientation surveys in both magnetic and non-magnetic enviroments. 


Reliable collection of survey data is an essential part of all drilling programs, regardless if the project is for civil engineering, mining or oil and gas. Aziwell uses well proven and acknowledged survey methods and equipment for these jobs. Type of instrument and technology depends on customer requirements and type of project.


Available survey instruments:

  • North seeking Gyro

  • Gyro Rig Aligner

  • Magnetic multishot survey instrument

Aziwell Bore Hole Survey Directional Core Drilling
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