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November 1st, 2021

October 2021, AZIWELL celebrated the completion of 500 directional targets of an intensive and complex Infill program in the heart of the Guerrero Gold Belt.


Due to the morphology of the deposit, precision required to intercept the targets, topography of the site and enviromental regulations, it was necessary to implement directional drilling. This was all achieveable using AZIDRILL® Directional Core Barrel.

The Infill program consists of individual blocks of 9 targets per block reached from a single Mother Hole. Daugther holes are initiated from various KOP's (Kick Off Points) and are steered to their respective targets with strict directional steering control. The entire grid is based on a 30-meter spacing between targets with a +/- 5m tolerance.

AZIWELL is pleased to have shared this great achievement in cooperation with IDS de México and Layne de México. 

Nexgen - Aziwell Team 3.jpg

February 1st, 2021

AZIWELL is proud to announce that we have opened AZIWELL Canada Inc. to better support and facilitate the increasing demand of our Directional Core Drilling services in Canada. The office is based out of North Bay, strategically positioned in the center of the majority of our ongoing operations.

For inquiries and information regarding our services in Canada, don't hesitate to contact us or one of our Canadian representatives. 

Torex Gold.png

October 14th, 2019

AZIWELL, in cooperation with International Directional Services (IDS) and Layne de Mexico, utilized the AZIDRILL® Directional Core Barrel in completing Torex Golds Media Luna project, hitting 117 targets from 23 motherholes. Torex Gold was able to reduce the meters required for the drill program by 24 000m, approximately 40% of the total drill program.


“We’re convinced that Directional Core Drilling helped us to finish our infill campaign faster and cheaper." - Olaf Scholtysek, Senior Project Geologist of Torex Gold

Nexgen 2.PNG

August 13th, 2019

AZIWELL assisted Nexgen in completing the 2019 Phase I winter drilling program comprising 117 completed holes totaling 50 968 m. Nexgen was able to reduce the meters required for Phase I conversion by 28% due to the ability to target mineralization more accurately with AZIDRILL Directional Core Barrel.

"These radioactivity results are particularly impressive considering the advanced shallow angle of interception into the sub-vertical Arrow orebody that AZIDRILL® has been able to deliver over prior drill programs at Arrow." - Troy Boisjoli, Vice-President of Nexgen

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