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ORICORE® STD - Easy to Use

The ORICORE® STD core orientation tool simply replace your existing conventional core barrel head. No adaptors, extensions or adjustment needed, meaning no rod handling is needed either.  It only takes 5min and you are ready to go.

The orientation unit is easily operated though a innovative and user friendly app that most drillers are familiar with without prior training. It has of course wire less communication, no core or wires needed.


core orienter

core head


2 pcs ORICORE®

1 pcs Communication unit

1 pcs Spare part kit

1 pcs High side finder

2 pcs Spanners

Orientation units
Two complete orientation units for easy and fast operation without delay between each run.

Communication unit
Rugged communication unit with easy to use app. No cables needed.

High side finder
Convenient high side finder with highly accurate marking device.

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