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ORICORE® STD - Save time & money

The ORICORE® STD core orientation tool is fully integrated

to a conventional core barrel head. As a result you can

do core orientation when ever you want, with little or no

loss of meter production and save more than 90% rig and

crew cost when preforming core orientation.


ORICORE® can be easily transported from site to site to

preform orientation on demand, whenever needed

and without prior planning. 


Advantages ORICORE® STD

Save time and money
Installation and removal
without rod handling, reducing
crew and rig cost up to 98%.

Fast and easy to use
Fits without special adaptors,
extensions or adjustments.

Reduced driller hazards
No innertube weight/length
added and rod handling needed.

Faster decent
No flow restrictions added.

Enviroment friendly
No rig emissions or rod- and rig
wear due to installation/uninstallation.

Easy data sharing
Direct data sharing from site to
e-mail through a tailored App.

Save more than 90%. Estimated time saving using ORICORE® STD in a 600m hole (4h tripping time) compared to conventional core orientation tools. 

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