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ORICORE® STD - Core Orienter
- First ever fully integrated electronic core orienter
- No extensions or adaptors needed
- Saves more than 90% rig & crew cost

The ORICORE® STD core orientation tool revolutionize core orientation operations as we know it today. With identical shape and size as conventional core heads, you can now measure orientation without time consuming rod handling. What do you gain? - Saved time-, money and improved safety. 

ORICORE® STD uses 3-axis high-accuracy accelerometers to measure orientation, inclination, gravity vector, as well as additional sensors for temperature and battery status.

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Aziwell Core Orienter, easy to use core orientation for wireline drilling
Save time and money with Aziwell Oricore Core orientation tool


ORICORE® STD features
• Integrated design without need for adaptors or extensions
• Identical in shape, lenght and weight to a conventional core barrel head assembly
• Easy to install and remove within minutes
• Highly accurate orientation readings in the area +/-88° incl. as well as incl. readings +/-90°
• Fast and easy wireless communication through BLE
• Easily replaced long life li-ion batteries
• Fits most standard core barrels in the marked

Save more than 90%. Estimated time saving using ORICORE® STD in a 600m hole
(4h estimated tripping time) compared to conventional core orientation tools. 

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